What is eGuarantee?

eGuarantee@GOV is a government-led electronic guarantee initiative to digitalise the issuance and discharge of guarantees and insurance bonds provided to government agencies and statutory boards (beneficiaries).

Sing Investments & Finance Limited (“SIF”) is one of the participating financial institutions of eGuarantee@GOV. You can now apply for a Finance Company Guarantee with us via www.eguarantee.gov.sg.



With eGuarantee@Gov, businesses and individuals can easily apply for a digital guarantee to government agencies for their contractual or licensing obligations.

Seamless & Secure

Businesses and individuals no longer need to deliver paper guarantees to government agencies. Guarantees will be issued to government agencies securely and electronically by the Financial Institutions through Singapore Customs’ Networked Trade Platform (NTP).


In addition to time savings, businesses and individuals get to enjoy cost savings as there is no need for courier charges, printing, and physical storage costs.

How to apply

Businesses and individuals can apply for an eGuarantee to government agencies.

1) First retrieve the following information from the agency you are working with:

  • Guarantee Template Reference Code
  • Case Reference Number
  • Guarantee Sum
  • Other Relevant information

2) Next, go to www.eguarantee.gov.sg and choose Sing Investments & Finance Limited as your preferred eGuarantee financial institution.

3) Finally, provide the following to us via your relationship manager or through enquiries@sif.com.sg:

  • Case Reference Number
  • A copy of the Template or the Template Reference Code (which is available at www.eguarantee.gov.sg);
  • Letter from Beneficiary (if available);
  • Signed copy of SIF’s Individual Other Loan or Company Other Loan Application Form (available here);
  • Details of collateral to be provided;
  • For auto-renewal guarantees, please provide the auto-extension period and the final extension period (in days).

4) We will process your application once we have received all the necessary information as requested above. Upon acceptance of your letter of offer and payment of the charge(s), we will proceed to issue the eGuarantee by sending the dataset electronically to your government agency via the Networked Trade Platform (NTP).

5) Once your eGuarantee has been lodged successfully, the government agency will inform you of the next steps of your application process.

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